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We are now 7 years into operations!! We have seen over 5000 patients. Despite the Affordable Health Care Act and now the Covid pandemic, many people still are uninsured or underinsured.  Our goal going into the uncertain 2021 is to continue to service the needs of the people who need our help!

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Patient Forms            If you are a new patient, please make sure to complete the patient registration forms below.  You can download them and fill out before your first visit.  If you forget, don't worry, we have extras :)  These are located on the Home page and the Appointment page.

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The DermHouse Initial Blog

Blog 8:  December 13, 2020:  We are all affected in so many ways from the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are still here to help and see anyone who has lost their insurance for free.

Blog 7:  November 5, 2017:  We are finally situated in our new office at 29355 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 302.  We are dedicated to continue free services for those without insurance, or who are underinsured and cannot afford to pay.  We are free from all prior distractions in our former practice and will continue our work on our terms as long as we can, hopefully for another 25+ years!

Blog 6:  November 12, 2016:  Today was a great day in our clinic.  15 patients, 7 were new.  Tomorrow is Olivia's 4th anniversary of her diagnosis, and our family will celebrate all the blessings we have in life!!

Blog 5:  October 5, 2014.  I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we opened.  231 patient visits later, I could not have done this without my incredible staff.  A big shout out to my kids:  Zachary, Jordyn, and Olivia Singer.  And to our good friend:  Bridget Klass.  And to my wife:  Amy.  You are all incrdible.  And while the past year has been great, 2015 will be even more special.  Stay tuned.


Blog 4:  November 24, 2013.  WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!!  Appointments are being made for January 4th.


Blog 3:  August 23, 2013.  Today is a good day.  Olivia signed up for and created a team for the JDRF walk for a cure for Diabetes.  It is for Sept 29th at the Tech Center in Warren from 8:30 to 11 am.  All are welcome.  Her team page is CLICK   All are welcome to join and donate.  Secondly, I have the finalized copy of the lease for DermHouse.  We are official.  Dermatology first.  Soon a link to other health care providers will go out.  I have 5 unused days of a brand new clinic that needs to put to good charitable use.  To be continued....


Blog 2:  March 23 2013.  Hard to say at first what kind of day it is.  Woke up early to train myself on how to insert and use her CGM (continuous glucose moniter).  Hard to deal with, reminds me of what she is stuck with the rest of her life.  When she sprang out of bed, her joy in having this was palpable.  I don't know how she is so positive.  I am jealous of her ability to see the good in everything, just not the way I am wired.  Not sure why.  Seeing her face and her attitude makes this a good day.  We have a lot to be grateful for.  To be continued....


Blog 1: January 2013.  It is easy to get enveloped in your own world and family, and rightly so.  We see the world in a certain way, we go to work every day, we take care of our children every day.  We get consumed by things that really have no importance in the grand scheme of things, whether our children make a sports team, or have a certain group of friends.  But unless you have a child who is sick, and their life depends on medication to survive every day, one cannot understand what a parent really must endure.  In my practice, I see each patient and treat them if they were my own family.  The stories have always been there, people who have their own illnesses, and the trust I am priveleged with.  Throught the years, they not only share with me their issues, but about their family.  No matter how many times I hear the stories, and how many times I have genuininely listened and shown compassion, I could not really hear them.  I never could, I just didn't know it.  That is, until I had a similar experience.  I cannot blame myself for this, just as I cannot be critical of the people who I care about who cannot understand what my family goes through on a daily basis.  But I have but one thing to do now, give back to this place what I have been fortunate enough to enjoy, the ability to afford and be able to care for my family.  While I am not in a position to financially support others, I can give the one thing that I was trained for, medical services.  To be continued......

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