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We are now 3 years into operations!! Whave seen over 600 patients. Despite the Affordable Health Care Act, many people still are uninsured or underinsured.  Our goal going into the uncertain 2017 is to continue to service the needs of the people who need our help!

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Patient Forms            If you are a new patient, please make sure to complete the patient registration forms below.  You can download them and fill out before your first visit.  If you forget, don't worry, we have extras :)  These are located on the Home page and the Appointment page.

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Welcome to DermHouse

DermHouse is a non-profit corporation which provides free care for people in need of dermatologic services.  Our goal is to provide free and comprehensive care in a center of excellence for the treatment of skin diseases.  Its purpose is to serve those who do not have insurance (and cannot afford it) or those with high deductible or catastrophic plans who cannot afford to pay for routine or emergent care.  All physician visits will be at no charge to anyone who is in need.  Measures will be taken to allow for reduced or no charges for ancillary services, such as blood work or biopsies.  None of these potential fees will ever be charged by this clinic; this refers to outside labs to which we have limited control.  Currently, we are able to provide pathology/biopsy services at no charge!

This is just the beginning, our goals are lofty, and encompass all aspects of medicine.  To dream about this is our idea, our actions will make this happen. 



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This is Olivia, the inspiration for this clinic.  She is 11 years old in this photo and has been newly diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.  As her family is fortunate to have insurance to cover her medical needs, not all people are so lucky.  Our one asset is a board certified dermatologist who can provide free care to people in need who are not as fortunate.>

This is Olivia (with sister Jordyn) at age 15.  Tomorrow (November 13, 2016) is her 4 year 'Diaversary' from her diagnosis.  She is doing amazing with an A1C consistently around 6.0.  We will celebrate the blessings in our lives!!

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